Monday, April 12, 2010

Coughing at 78

I called Emily from Charlotte during a layover Saturday and she was telling me how the week went. 

"Watching Lily or watching the animals is fine....just not together.  It is too much.  I would have to be watching Lily every second or she would be letting the cats out or washing the dishes without soap."

Keep in mind that our kitty has been very sick and is on about 6 different medicines which complicates things.

Even though Emily said that,  she did a fabulous job taking care of Lily and all our pets---2 dogs and 3 cats.

During our converstion she told me Nana said something funny this morning.

Here is Emily's story:

Emily had Nana Lily at the counter eating her cereal and  was trying to fix her hair at the same time.  (Emily had to be at dance rehearsal from 10-2pm and she was taking Lily with her)

Emily said, "I need to fix this flat spot."  (where Lily's head had rested on the pillow as she slept)

Lily said, "I have a bald spot?"

Emily laughing, "No, a flat spot."

"Oh good I thought you said a bald spot.  But I may have a bald spot when I am 80."

"Well Nana since you are already 78 I don't think we have to worry about that."

Nana who had just taken a bite of cereal choked at that thought and started coughing, and said,  "I'm 78?"

"Yes, you are 78, Nana."

To which Lily replied,  "Well no wonder I am coughing."

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