Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got You

Today I had Lily over and called my brother Tim so she could talk to him. 

He started the usual, "How's the cat?"

And then I heard Mom say, "Oh she died a couple of months ago."

I quickly looked at her and she was looking at me, laughing, and mouthing the words "That will get him."

Long Long Day

Our trip out west started at 3am when we all awakened to dress and finish packing last minute toiletries and head to the airport in Columbus which is about one and half hours away.  Our flight was to leave at 8am and we arrived at the airport around 6am to be told at the check in desk to be sure to use the bathroom as 2 out of the 3 bathrooms were not in operation.  To make a long story short the flight ended up getting cancelled at 9am for this very reason.  The Captain did not feel one bathroom was enough for 150 people on a four hour flight.  What got me is they knew this since 6am and maintenance was not called till 8am!  So then of course 150 people had to be helped find alternative flights.  Fortunately I was 2nd in line and and we were booked on an American flight to Dallas at 4pm with a connection to Reno.  Unfortunately this made for a long long day at the Columbus Airport.
When we headed to the gate around 2pm we found that flight delayed which would result in us missing our connection to Reno.  So back to US Air where after about an hour they finalized arrangements to place us on a Delta flight to Los Angeles and an Alaskan Airlines flight to Reno at 10pm.  Then we were sent to the Delta counter to get tickets where they told us we would probably not make that connection either because the Delta flight was delayed. 

After listening to Delta and US Air argue whose responsibility we were and US Air trying to get us to stay the night in Columbus we opted to take the Delta flight in hopes of making the connnection and at least making it to California.  So we finally departed around 6:30pm that evening heading to LAX airport.

We arrived early one hour before our next flight so thought we were in good shape.  Our first clue should have been just missing the last shuttle across the airport to the Alaskan gate so instead we had to go back out security and run for 20 minutes to the next terminal to get our tickets issued.  We arrived and they said we were too late to check in (30 minutes before departure) and they refused to issue us tickets.  After talking to 2 supervisors we headed back to US Air who put us on an United flight to Reno which would get us there at 11:30pm which was great as the rental car company closed at twelve.  So off we went to United to get tickets and head to the gate.  Arriving at the gate we found out that flight was delayed and not getting in till 1:30am.  We couldn't believe it.  Dan called the rental car company and fortunately they said they would stay open till we arrived as we still had a two hour road trip to get to our final destination.

Finally we made it arriving to Reno at 1:30am (4:30am Dayton time) and headed to the US Air office to claim our bags which  had been sent on by a US Air supervisor at Columbus with the foresight to see they never would have made it with all the changes in airlines. 

We found our baggage and could see it through the glass window but the door was locked.  Nobody including the airport manager had a key to US Air's office.  After all that we made the decision to stay in Reno for fear we might not get our baggage for a couple of days since we would be two hours away.

Ryan said,  "I feel so defeated."  We had been so determined and tried so hard to get to our friend's lake house and now would be a day late.  Oh well the most important thing was we arrived safely but this was one airplane trip I don't think any of us will ever forget.  Off to the hotel airport to get some sleep after being up for 27 hours.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sorry for the long delay in posting.  While out west over half of our stay was in remote areas with no cell phone coverage let alone wireless.  The rest of the trip was so busy that any down time I used as just that.

Since arriving home last Thursday evening I have been playing catch up on the house, pets, other blogs I follow, etc.   Yesterday I spent all day in Cincinnati at my son Ryan's college orientation.

So today is a new day and I hope to start my daily blogging again.  Because I like to think of this blog as also recording other events in our family which in the past usually included Lily, I plan to write a  little about our trip out west also even though Lily was not there.  Along with that I will continue to give updates on Lily and how she is doing in her new room.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Vacation is a wonderful thing but oftentimes the preparation for it tires you out before you even begin.

Since Ryan’s commencement on Saturday I have been preparing for our trip out west which was not an easy task when dealing with 5 animals, one husband, 2 borderline adults, and one Lily.

Molly and Rudi, the pugs, were farmed out to Chris & Jenny who graciously acted as if they would love to have them for two weeks. Dropping them off last night I quickly rushed through the fact that Molly has an anal abscess and is on antibiotics and Rudi has an ear infection and is on ear drops. I did not want to give them time to consider backing out of their kind offer.

Erin and Christine (2 college age girls) came over to receive instructions on the 3 felines left at home--Wilson, Lucy Lu, and Callie. One can only imagine the joyful thoughts bouncing around their heads as I informed them of Wilson’s health history the last couple of years and instructed them on the 3 medications they have to get down his throat. Fortunately he has taken so many pills now that he truly would win the feline award for most agreeable cat.

To my embarrassment I had to explain to them how I cut off one half inch of Wilson’s tail almost 2 weeks ago and the need for them to keep a close eye on it for signs of infection. Fortunately he seems to be recovering nicely. Not so much me as I still suffer pangs of guilt over that glaring lack of caution when exiting the front door with him. My only saving grace is that I am giving myself a small break as I had just placed Lily in the nursing home 2 days before, preparing for Ryan’s graduation party, and attending several graduation events that week which put me in a high level of activity and stress leading to my careless behavior.

I then had to inform them that Callie, Lily’s cat, had been pooping in the middle of Lily’s bed for the last couple of days to make me aware that she was not feeling well. She only does this when she is sick and I am not quite sure if Lily taught her this behavior but I need to teach her another way to get her point across.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Told You I Don't Have to Go!

 One of the caregivers at Bethany relayed a funny story to me today.  She said yesterday Lily had an aide who was unfamiliar with her and her abilities.  She asked Lily if she had to go to the bathroom and Lily said no she didn't have to go.

The aide then said she should try anyway and Lily said, "I told you I don't have to go."

"Well I think you need to try anyway."

To which Lily said,  "Up yours."  and gave her the famous two finger sign.

All the aides burst out laughing and that particular aide said,  "Well I guess she really did not have to go."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


At Bethany there is a garden in the middle of the unit with the two dining areas and resident rooms surrounding it. 

Large plantars are available as activiites for the residents to garden.  A couple of tables with umbrellas along with scattered benches provide plenty of seating for relaxing. 

Inside this area is a shelter which contains a black and white rabbit named Harvey.  Harvey's fur is so thick and soft.  He has lived there over a year and makes visits to various resident's rooms with the activity staff.

Mom and I visit Harvey frequently and often take him out of his cage to hold.  Each time when I encourage Lily to hold him she responds with,  "No, he might bite me.   Rabbits have sharp teeth."  After a little reassurance I usually can get Lily to hold him and she loves the feel of his fur, the length of his ears, and the black spots on his body.

I wish Mom could have her cat here but at least she has Harvey to enjoy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation Party

Sorry I have not posted the last few days.  The weekend was so busy with preparing for and hosting Ryan's graduation party along with attending several other student's parties.

I picked Lily up in the early afternoon and brought her back to our house where she fell right back into her routine of washing dishes, reading the paper, and puttering about.  I mentioned to her that she might want to spend some time with Callie (her cat) since she had not seen her in awhile.  Her response, "I've only been gone a day."

That evening at the party she was in her glory.  Happy, laughing, and chatting with anyone nearby.  My sister-in-law kept her with her for a majority of the party and brought her along as she walked her father Russ out to his car.  Upon returning to the party which Lily had just spent the last 3 hours,
                                                             Lily said,

               "Look at all those people.  There must be a party going on!"