Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation Party

Sorry I have not posted the last few days.  The weekend was so busy with preparing for and hosting Ryan's graduation party along with attending several other student's parties.

I picked Lily up in the early afternoon and brought her back to our house where she fell right back into her routine of washing dishes, reading the paper, and puttering about.  I mentioned to her that she might want to spend some time with Callie (her cat) since she had not seen her in awhile.  Her response, "I've only been gone a day."

That evening at the party she was in her glory.  Happy, laughing, and chatting with anyone nearby.  My sister-in-law kept her with her for a majority of the party and brought her along as she walked her father Russ out to his car.  Upon returning to the party which Lily had just spent the last 3 hours,
                                                             Lily said,

               "Look at all those people.  There must be a party going on!"


  1. What a lovely, sweet, HAPPY time! I love seeing your mom just blending in with Ryan's buddies. Great to hear that your mom had such a wonderful time.....and what a big day for you all. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Sue. Mom had a wonderful time and I enjoyed watching her have fun. Ryan was so happy Lily was at his party and he made sure to include her with his friends.