Sunday, June 20, 2010


Vacation is a wonderful thing but oftentimes the preparation for it tires you out before you even begin.

Since Ryan’s commencement on Saturday I have been preparing for our trip out west which was not an easy task when dealing with 5 animals, one husband, 2 borderline adults, and one Lily.

Molly and Rudi, the pugs, were farmed out to Chris & Jenny who graciously acted as if they would love to have them for two weeks. Dropping them off last night I quickly rushed through the fact that Molly has an anal abscess and is on antibiotics and Rudi has an ear infection and is on ear drops. I did not want to give them time to consider backing out of their kind offer.

Erin and Christine (2 college age girls) came over to receive instructions on the 3 felines left at home--Wilson, Lucy Lu, and Callie. One can only imagine the joyful thoughts bouncing around their heads as I informed them of Wilson’s health history the last couple of years and instructed them on the 3 medications they have to get down his throat. Fortunately he has taken so many pills now that he truly would win the feline award for most agreeable cat.

To my embarrassment I had to explain to them how I cut off one half inch of Wilson’s tail almost 2 weeks ago and the need for them to keep a close eye on it for signs of infection. Fortunately he seems to be recovering nicely. Not so much me as I still suffer pangs of guilt over that glaring lack of caution when exiting the front door with him. My only saving grace is that I am giving myself a small break as I had just placed Lily in the nursing home 2 days before, preparing for Ryan’s graduation party, and attending several graduation events that week which put me in a high level of activity and stress leading to my careless behavior.

I then had to inform them that Callie, Lily’s cat, had been pooping in the middle of Lily’s bed for the last couple of days to make me aware that she was not feeling well. She only does this when she is sick and I am not quite sure if Lily taught her this behavior but I need to teach her another way to get her point across.

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  1. This cracks me up laughing!! Have a great time away.