Wednesday, June 2, 2010


At Bethany there is a garden in the middle of the unit with the two dining areas and resident rooms surrounding it. 

Large plantars are available as activiites for the residents to garden.  A couple of tables with umbrellas along with scattered benches provide plenty of seating for relaxing. 

Inside this area is a shelter which contains a black and white rabbit named Harvey.  Harvey's fur is so thick and soft.  He has lived there over a year and makes visits to various resident's rooms with the activity staff.

Mom and I visit Harvey frequently and often take him out of his cage to hold.  Each time when I encourage Lily to hold him she responds with,  "No, he might bite me.   Rabbits have sharp teeth."  After a little reassurance I usually can get Lily to hold him and she loves the feel of his fur, the length of his ears, and the black spots on his body.

I wish Mom could have her cat here but at least she has Harvey to enjoy.

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