Friday, September 3, 2010

Lily in her Hillary Clinton outfit

My Irish cousin Niall and his girlfriend Jeannie arrived today from England for a two week visit.  Ryan, Lily, and I drove to the Cincinnati airport to pick them up.  On the way we stopped at an outdoor mall in Cincinnati and had a late lunch at Max and Erma's.  After lunch we had about 45 minutes to kill so we decided to window shop.

While walking I noticed that Lily had wet her pants and the stain was down to her knees.  Without thinking I blurted, "Mom you wet your pants."  Fortunately she immediately came back with, "Someone must have spilled water on me." for which I was thankful and quickly agreed with her.  

Looking around, the only department store was Dillards.  We quickly walked over and after about 20 minutes of browsing we purchased an outfit for mom for about $29 from the 70 percent off rack.  After making our purchase I took Mom into a fitting room and quickly helped her change and out we went. 

Unfortunately her eighteen year old grandson was there to immediately make fun of her new "Hillary Clinton" outfit which got us all laughing so hard that I was worried Mom would pee her pants again!

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