Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Twelve Hours

Assisted mom to bed last night about 9pm...medication, removed soiled clothes, placed outfit for next day in her room, assisted her in removing her dentures to soak, set up her toothbrush and reminded her to brush her 3 teeth.  "You know I only have 3.  Big deal."
Reminded her to go to the bathroom.  Turned on her tv.  Fed her cat.  Cleaned out the litter box.

There done.   9:30pm  ready to relax for the evening.  Got into my pj's, grabbed a book, settled into bed.

10pm.   Ryan home and heard him talking to Lily.   Hmmmm   wonder why she is up.  Went out to hall and there she was just coming up from downstairs all dressed in her "tomorrow's outfit", teeth in.

"Oh there you are.  I thought you were gone."     arggggggggg...............

So we start again....................

This morning after the morning routine off to St. Leonards with Lily in her diamond earrings.

Pulling in    "I'm going here again." 
"And what are you going to do all day?" she says to me with one of those looks on her face like... I know what you are doing and it's not hanging out with me.

I said,  "Oh I have to go to the vet.  Mom you will have fun with your friends and maybe you will be the big winner of bingo again.  Remember you won 50 cents last time."

"Fifty bloody cents.  Big deal.  You know what I will tell them.  Stick it up your........"

As we pull towards the building she says,   "See that there.  That is where they put us the basement."

I have to say I was surprised that where the daycare was had been noticed by her and she had put an implication behind the location.   Her awareness still catches me off guard at times.

I suppose if I didn't already know and see how much mom actually enjoys the setting and interaction especially with the staff those comments above would upset me.  The staff are so nice to Lily and obviously are fond of her and she them.  I met a volunteer there today named Maureen who started last Friday and plans to volunteer each week.  She was very nice and I was quite touched that people out there do care and want to help.  She said to me, "have a wonderful day."   And you know I think I will.


  1. Your are very special person. I work with Dementia residents as a nurse and love each and every minute of it. Could I look after my own mother? Not sure.

  2. Kerry,Just read your blog for the first time. Kudos to you for taking such good care of your mom. What a wonderful daughter. You are to be greatly admired. I, too, have a blog. I take care of my husband who was diagnosed of frontal lobe dementia at 50. We must keep on keeping on.

  3. Kerry, I love the comment by Lily of "they put us in the basement"------ INTERESTING!--- she is so so lucky to have you and your family in her life.