Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Emily, Lily, and I went to the Rookwood mall to do a little Christmas shopping.  We went to various stores, had a delicious lunch at a restaurant,  and then ended up at TJ Max.  After walking in Mom started to browse through the clothing racks.  Emily wanted me to walk to the back of the store to look for some home items.  I debated leaving Lily but then thought she would be ok for a short while. 

When Lily first came to live with us we would take her shopping and after 2 hours she would say we just got here so why did we have to leave.  Lately though mom does not enjoy shopping as she once did.  When we go she is the one more apt to say that it is time to go.

  So anyways back to my story about 10 minutes later, Emily and I hear over the loud speaker.......

 "Would Kerry Runyeon please come to the service desk."

So of course up to the front we went and there was Lily.  "Oh there you are."

"Mom, did you think we left you?"

"Well I didn't know.  I asked them if someone was waiting for me?"

Thankfully she did not leave the store and has never done that in the past but  we now know we must keep a closer eye on Lily when shopping. With an Alzheimer patient you just never know what they might do next.

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