Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tim (cont)

Forty Eight years old and diagnosed with Asperger's autism.  Wow!  The doctor was amazed at all Tim had accomplished in his lifetime (Masters degree, military)while having this disability.  She said that is why she did not consider the diagnosis of autism initially when I mentioned it.   She explained the reason his behavior was worsening as he became older was that the struggle through the years to fit in and succeed had finally wore him down and he was having a harder time trying to lead a "normal" life.

With this diagnosis Tim and I went to social security to apply for disability for him.  I was told by many people how hard it is to get this and usually you are denied the first time and have to appeal.  Expecting this I was pleasantly surprised a few months later when it was approved.   I was also able to get him some military compensation with the help of a veterans organization.  He now lives a simple life in his own condo about 10 minutes away and appears to be quite content spending his days rocking and listening to his shortwave, drinking tea, taking long walks, and going to the library to get on the internet. 

                                                        Tim & Lily

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