Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Memories 1982

Aunt Mollie (my father Norb's brother's wife) sent some pictures. Yesterday  Mom looking at this one of our family back in 1982 said pointing left to right,

"That one is me,  and there's the daughter (pointing to me with my eyes closed as usual), and I can't think of his name,  Emily said Tim and she said,  No I just can't think of his name, and that one I don't know her but I suppose I did at one point."

This morning I asked her if she recognized the people in the picture and she said,

"Yes that one is Ryan"  I said does that look like Ryan?  She said, "No not really, but he is tall."  I said that is Tim.  "Oh yeah that is right.  And that one is me,  and that one is you, and that one is the youngest daughter,  what is her name?"  I said,  "Traci."  "Yeah that's it."

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