Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Update

I miss my blogging and had hoped to get quickly back on track.  Life somehow gets in the way.  After my last post I had out of town company and soon as she left we immediately left for Florida to do some work.  We worked HARD for the first week getting everything in order for a new tenant.  Dan & Ryan are back home and that leaves just Emily and myself along with 2 cats and 2 dogs for the rest of the week to just relax as we finished the last bit of work we needed to do this morning.

Ryan visited with Lily as soon as possible on his return taking her out to dinner.  He said she was in a great mood laughing and joking around with him.

My neighbor Anne had taken Lily out for ice cream at Graeters early in the day and called me to tell me mom's glasses were missing and she had searched her room high and low without finding them. I called my sister-in-law Paula to ask her if Lily had them the day before when she had taken her out to a old movie playing at a local theater and she said yes.

So Ryan searched her room for me before dinner and called to say he was unable to locate them either.  After dinner I encouraged him to look again and especially behind any pictures.   Voila!  Glasses found. He also found her TV remote which has been missing for the last week.

Lily and I are very fortunate that we have friends and family willing to come to visit with her and take her out places while I am away. Obviously this is wonderful for her but also very comforting to me.

Thank you dear friends and family!

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