Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Putting it together

I think I might have mentioned this before but Lily has been putting on some weight.  Close to 10 pounds since moving into the Memory Support Center so they have now put her on smaller portions.

A couple of days ago I weighed our two pugs Rudi and Molly.  I was pleasantly surprised to notice they had each lost over 2 pounds but I couldn't help but wonder why as there food source was unchanged.

Suddenly a correlation came to me in regards to Lily gaining weight and the dogs losing weight.  We always knew she would sneek them food whenever possible but I had no clue just how much till now.  It is obvious to me that she is gaining weight because she is now eating all her food and the dogs are losing weight without someone here feeding them table food.

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  1. i can't help but giggle...the dogs are adorable!