Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy with Activities

I went to see Lily this afternoon and happily found her involved with the activities planned that day.  She did not see me and I made sure she did not or she would have stopped what she was doing.

The elderly group was singing songs led by a young woman from the Activities Department.  I peeped around the corner and Lily was singing and smiling away.  She seemed very happy and content at the time.  I went back to her room visiting with a friend who came with me till the singing stopped.

When she didn't return to her room I peeped again.  This time the group was involved in coloring.  A picture of a flag was in front of mom and she was coloring between the lines.   A short time later a lady arrived with a therapy dog for the elderly to pet and enjoy.

After about an hour and half I decided to leave without Mom seeing me as she seemed to be having a good time with the group.  I knew if I said hello she would immediately want to leave with me and miss out on all the fun!

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