Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Conversation in car

Tonight as we were driving home from a restaurant a conversation ensued based on a recent remark from Ryan about no more 2 week family trips for him.

Kerry:   Dan what do you think if we went to New Zealand and Australia next year? 

Dan:     That would be nice.

Kerry:   Don't you think that we might be gone 2 or 3 weeks?

Dan:     Probably.

Kerry:   Emily and Ryan,  what do you think of that?

Ryan:   I'm not biting.  No more 2 week family trips for me.

Dan:     Well, this one you might be sailing to New Zealand.

Emily:   And Lily could be the Captain.

Lily:     No because I will end up in the water after about 2 minutes.

Dan:    Good.  We are counting on that. (laughing)

Lily:    Did you hear that? What he said about me.  (as she hit him on his shoulder)

Emily:  Well, you know what I would tell him.

Lily:    Yeah, UP YOURS.   (Giving her famous 2 finger sign)
           and more....... 

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