Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lake Almanor

The first part of our trip was spent at Lake Almanor with our friends the Craigers who own a cabin nearby.  The weather while there was beautiful, sunny, warm, and windy.  The lake with Mount Lassen looking on has to be one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen.  The only downside that I could see was the cold water which of course those from that area are used to. Not us Runyeons who are used to the warm waters of Florida.

While there we were wondering if our bad luck was to continue.  While out walking the first day Dan was standing near the shore looking out on the lake and then turned to leave taking one step when a limb large enough to cause a concussion landed where he had just been.  The next day while standing on the road next to the golf course a golf ball went flying right between Dan and our friend Mark just missing them.  The last morning we were there we went out out to breakfast at Carol's Restaurant and  the waitress spilled hot coffee all over her, and the backs of Emily and Ryan.  Fortunately nobody was burnt.  We were beginning to wonder........................
But for the rest of the trip no further unusual events took place.

We had a wonderful visit with our friends Mark, Cheryl, Brandon, and Chloe who did everything to make sure we had a fabulous time.  We are looking forward to their visit to Ohio in a couple of weeks.

                                           Us with the Cheryl & Mark

                                          deer on the golf course

Emily and Chloe tubing with Lake Lassen in the background

                                   Brandon, Cat, Chloe, Emily, and Ryan


  1. Welcome home! Sounds....eventful!!!!!

  2. Yes it was and but overall a wonderful time.