Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun in the Sun

One of our cruise stops was on Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas.  The day was sunny and nice although the water was quite cool.  We walked around a little bit before finding the perfect spot with shade for Lily and sun for us and settled into our lounge chairs.   

Soon all my companions were dozing enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

Noticing Lily sleeping I suggested to Emily and Jenny that we take a short walk down the beach.  The island appeared quite small and I thought if (which I doubted) Lily woke up we would find her easily plus we would only be gone a brief time.  The girls thought that was a great idea and off we went down the beach. 

We kept walking exploring what this little island had to offer.  Soon we were on the other side talking nonstop as we were walking.  Looking up it became apparent to me that this island was much bigger than we had anticipated.  We had been walking about 20 minutes or so and suddenly I started worrying about the possibility of Lily waking and realizing that this island was not so little.  I also knew she had started giving her maiden name recently and she had taken off her identifying bracelet before leaving home unbeknownst to me.  Needless to say I was beginning to really worry.

Not wanting to take the time to walk all the way back around the island the same way we had come and seeing how the way ahead seemed even longer, we saw a nature path and decided to cut through the middle.  After walking on the path about 10 minutes curving this way and that we ended up about 50 yards down the beach where we had started.  And I am thinking "Oh my gosh." 

We then found a road to the right of the path and headed along soon discovering all the wonderful sights of the island that most tourists don't get to see like the workers housing, the sanitation area (dump), a construction zone, etc.  Several workers in golf carts passed us and we stuck our thumbs out and all we received in return were huge grins and fingers pointing straight ahead. 

By now the sun was beating down on us and we were beginning to grow weary of our fast pace.  Finally we recognized the general area of our chairs and I especially hurried forward hoping for a glimpse of Lily.  And there she was cool as a cucumber under her hat, wide awake, and saying,

"Oh there you are.  Where have you been?"

With red faces, panting breath, and relief we said,  

                                          "Oh, just out for a quick stroll on the beach."

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  1. I love this and what a brave soul you are to venture out! How smart of Ms.Lily to stay put, cool as a cucumber!