Monday, March 29, 2010

We are Back

Monarch of the Seas  
             Jenny, Emily, Lily

We arrived back from our Caribbean cruise very late Friday night.  The weekend went by fast just catching up.  Blogging has been weighing on my mind so much so that I awoke at 5am thinking about it and couldn't go back to sleep.  One of my blogger friends Judy even sent me an email last evening just to make sure we were ok.  Maybe that is what caused the early awakening as her email response was the last thing I did before going to sleep.

 I had great intentions of blogging as we cruised even bringing my netbook, but unfortunately things didn't turn out as expected.  For starters the first couple of days were spent traveling back and forth from Daytona to Orlando getting Emily to her auditions.  Then to my surprise I came down with the stomach flu before ever getting on the ship!  I had actually been worried about getting seasick as that happened to me on my last cruise which was not typical for me. 

I also forgot my camera cord to download images to my computer and did not want to post without some pictures attached.  

Once on the ship the days seemed to just fly by......with little time for anything else.  I find it difficult to write while around other people and I was almost always with either Lily, Emily, or Jenny. I need quiet and time to think to formulate my thoughts.  And the only quiet time was in my cabin at night where there was no internet and I was tired after a full day.

So as a result my longest dry stretch of blogging occurred.  But I am back and looking forward to recording some of our adventures and catching up on all the blogs I follow.

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  1. Love your photos and yes, I missed your posts!
    Sorry to hear about the stomach bug but hope you enjoyed your cruise.