Monday, March 15, 2010


On Thursday Lily, my daughter Emily, and myself  are hopping on a plane and heading south.  We will  be in Florida for about 3 days where Emily will  be auditioning for Disney and Holland America.  In our down time we will eat, shop, and hopefully relax (weather permitting) on the beach.  Sunday evening we will pick up my daughter-in-law Jenny at the Daytona Beach airport as she will be joining us for the rest of our trip.

On Monday we will be boarding a Royal  Carribean ship for a four night cruise to the Bahamas.  Two years ago the entire family took a fabulous cruise through the eastern carribean. Lily was with us and had a wonderful time although initially fought the idea. That was back when she was constantly asking to go home so we had to tell her we were taking her back  via Florida.  By the time
she got off the plane she had totally forgotten going home and enjoyed herself for most of the trip.

Each evening she would say to one of us,  "So are you going home now?" and we would  be in the middle of the ocean.  Unless she was looking at the sea she had no idea where she was.   Being with us and enjoying all the ship had to offer was all she really cared about.

For this trip I have been telling her we are flying to Florida to go on a cruise and she just asks me questions.  Of course 30 seconds later she has already forgotten that she is even going.  But at least this time she is more open to the idea.

I  can't wait!

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  1. How wonderfully cool that Lily will join you and your daughter and daughter-in-law! Another memory trip to recall. Lily seems flexible with her schedule. Have fun, be safe, and get rest! And, take pictures to post - let me vacation vicariously!