Monday, March 1, 2010

Morning Conversation

Here is a snippet of our conversation while on the 5 minute drive to St. Leonards where Mom participates in adult day care.

Lily:  "Oh am I going to that place where they all are half asleep and then there is me just sitting there."

Kerry:  "Yes, Mom.  They are not all sleeping.  You enjoy your visits there."

Lily:   "Yes they are.  They are all old in their 70's."

Kerry:  "Mom are you old?"

Lily:  "Yes, I am old but I can still do everything I used to do.  One day though it will all go kaput and be all gone."

Kerry:  "Well Mom,  what am I going to do with you then?"

Lily:  "Just put me in the grave.  I hope you have the money or else they will just leave me in the snow. "

By the way I left Lily drinking coffee sitting next to another lady and they seemed to be enjoying each others company.

1 comment:

  1. She looks content there! And her words about hoping you have the money sounds like something from my mother!