Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lily sick, purse stolen

Mom has been a little under the weather the last couple of days with a virus.  At our family Christmas gathering a couple members of the family were not feeling up to par and that is probably where she caught her cold.

Also she must have fallen Christmas eve morning or the night before at the nursing home as she had a fresh abrasion on her knee Christmas eve morning when I helped her take a shower here.  She complained of nothing hurting her and had no other bruising or abrasions.  Of course she could not remember the incident.

Two days later she was complaining of her upper right arm hurting her so I wondered if maybe she jammed that shoulder when she perhaps caught herself when falling a couple days before.  I am only speculating. 

I have not seen her today as my car is in the shop getting a key made for it as Emily had her purse stolen yesterday which had the car keys in it.  Naturally we only had that one key.  A new key cost $200!

What happened was Emily and two of her dancer friends went to Yellowsprings to hike at Clifton Gorge.  They left their purses hidden inside the car and someone broke out the window to steal both purses and the GPS. Another car was also vandalized.

When filing a police report the police said the same thing had happened now for 3 days in a row.  Wouldn't you think they might decide to do something.  Apparently they did not want to post a sign as they thought it might keep people away.  I don't know, I kind of think having your car window broken and purses stolen would definitely keep people away as opposed to a sign warning to keep all valuables with you.  Common sense....  does it ever prevail?

Fortunately Emily did not have any money in her purse but did lose 2 gift cards from Starbucks and Trader Joes.  Her friend lost several gift cards as well.  Both girls canceled their credit cards and had to get new drivers licenses today.

So our biggest expense is the car keys but I guess it could have been a lot worse because she could have had her keys for her apartment and car in AZ in it which fortunately she did not as she just had changed purses. 

So now both of my children have been the victim of theft in the last 3 months.
Bah humbug!

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