Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pictures from the Caregiver's Ball

The Alzheimer's Association gala which was dubbed the Caregiver's Ball was a lovely event providing food, music, fun, and fellowship.

Initially I thought it was an event only for patients and families from the retirement village but it actually included Alzheimer patients and families living in the community and associated with the Alzheimer Association.

The event was the brainchild of a man named Erik who had always dreamed of hosting a Caregiver's Ball and his dream came true this night.  He hopes to make this an annual event.

Seated at our table was a couple named James and Ethel whom we enjoyed pleasant conversation.  James was a handsome 63 years old man who had been diagnosed 3 years prior with Alzheimer's.  Initially he was quiet and a little withdrawn, but as dinner progressed he smiled more often and pounded the rock (hitting knuckles) with Ryan several times.  His wife, Ethel, a beautiful elegant woman,  works full time and spoke very highly of the Alzheimer Association and all that she had learned through them from their caregivers series.  I also learned from her that there is an adult day care center north of town that does offer evening and weekend hours which is wonderful.  That is the only one in town that I know of offering alternative hours.  Since she works for an organization requiring evening board meetings this has been a life saver to her as their children live out of town.

Following dinner we adjourned to another room for music and dancing.  Below are some pictures from this magical evening.

looking at Xmas cards while waiting for Dan and Ryan

What's this?
Oh a little wine?

You're here......
Off we go
The Band
The belle of the ball dancing with Ryan and Dan.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love to see the beautiful family relationship -- everyone is glowing:-)