Monday, December 13, 2010

A military family in distress

My running buddy Denise suggested to me that I should share this story on my blog with an appeal to my readers for well wishes and support for my friend Tammy and her family.

Tammy, George, and their 3 children have given so much of themselves to their country.  Both George and their oldest son are in the military.  George just came back from being deployed in Afghanistan and their son is presently serving there now.

I am sure Tammy,  as any mother and wife would,  has spent many a sleepless night worried over the safety of her husband and son while they have served overseas in combat.

Who would ever have predicted their middle child twenty year old Justin, safe here in the USA, would be killed in an automobile accident last week in Phoenix where Tammy was raised and her parents still live.

Tammy had just opened up an antique store in Waynesville and spent weeks preparing for the big Waynesville holiday weekend.   She was at her shop when her husband George had to deliver the devastating news.  So instead of tending shop and looking forward to the holidays, she and her family headed out to Phoenix to bury their son and brother.

Being a military family George and family have limited connections in the Dayton area having only been here about one year so we (the neighbors) are rallying to fill a basket of well wishes and shower them with cards.

If any of you out there would care to send them a card to let them know this community cares,  please forward to me addressed to Tammy and George at 1193 Timberhawk Trail Dayton Oh 45458.

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