Friday, February 12, 2010

Out of the House

Yesterday Lily and I got out of the house. Between the snowy weather

and being under the weather we have been cooped up for days. So for a couple of hours we were out running errands and stopped for lunch.

Mom's memory has been on the upswing the last few days recollecting recent events. For example Ryan told me when he took her out for dinner a few nights ago she said to him "Oh you played well (at his basketball game). Paula (Dan's sister) sure acts silly at those games." He couldn't believe she remembered the game much less provide some details. 

Also when I was driving her past St. Leonards she said, "That church is really nice inside.  I was there last week with a woman."   I was surprised she remembered and shocked she went to church!

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  1. Kerry the ability at times to recall recent memories sometimes makes me wonder if this is truly Alzheimer's and not another form of cognitive impairment. I know at some point I read that with Alzheimer's, their memory ability can change throughout the day; I so wish I could put my hands on that article again.