Friday, February 5, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday I read Bob DeMarco's article regarding Urinary Incontinence and then posted a question to him regarding night time incontinence.  Later in the evening I was pleasantly surprised to see he had already addressed my question and gave me a very detailed response.  More than that though he prefaced his response with a very kind reference to my blog. 

The last couple of weeks have been very stressful and not caused by Lily  (imagine that!).   Bob your words really made my evening and I feel good knowing I may bring cheer and smiles to my readers.

Below I have copied the preface to his response to me and below that is the link to the article.

Before we get into urinary incontinence, I want to say a few words about Kerry Runyeon. Kerry has a great blog that is just full of life. I read her blogging because it makes me smile, makes me feel happy, and reminds me of the challenges of the Alzheimer's caregiver. Reminds me I am not alone, and that there are many many of us dealing with the same, or similar issues day in and day out.

Kerry writes with a smile. I often think to myself, I should try to do that more often.

Here is a recent example from Living in the moment with Lilybird -- Last Twelve Hours.

 Alzheimer's Reading Room: Urinary Incontinence -- Follow Up with Kerry Runyeon

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  1. I read Bob's words about your blog and smiled knowing it would bless you! Judy.