Sunday, October 31, 2010

Belts, Belts, and Belts

Something about belts seem to bother Lily.

For a while there when I would ask her to fasten her seat belt she would just grab hold of the belt and hold it across her and not buckle it.

                           "Mom holding the seat belt won't keep you in the car."

She would then put her hand on the dash and say I will just hold on like this if something happens.

When I would remind her about the time she went through the windshield of a car and received over 100 stitches in her face as a young girls she would reply,

                           "That only happened to  me once in my life."

                    Against her wishes I would have to insist she fasten her belt.

Other times when I would ask her to put it on she would say, "What if I can't get it off and  I was stuck in the car all night by myself.  That would be just great."

On our last airplane trip every time I turned around she had her seat belt unbuckled and she was constantly playing with it.

The crazy thing was during Ryan's senior year of high school we had her sitting in one of those portable bleacher seats to watch his basketball games and she would grab the side belts and tie it around her  like it was a seat belt.                               Go figure.


  1. Hi Kerry,

    This was a great read. I really appreciate your and your mom's spirit in this crisis. My mom was diagnosed with brain tumor and the onset symptoms were mere memory loss which the doctor put down to old age (she's just 58 btw). Each day is a struggle for her and despite a major operation and a month and half of radiotherapy she hasn't got much of herself back. Sadly her brain tumor is of the worst kinds and life expectancy is just 3-6 months.

    Moms are precious. Let us all care for them the best we can. Here are 3 cheers to all moms and daughters. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your mom. You are right. Moms are precious. Sometimes it takes a crisis to remind us of that. Take care. Kerry