Saturday, October 30, 2010

Visiting the Eye Doc

Yesterday I took Lily to the eye doctor as her present glasses are all scratched up.  Prior to going back to see the doctor I requested the receptionist inform the doctor that Mom has Alzheimer's disease.  When she was called back I headed back there with her.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Mom read the numbers and letters she could see correctly on the eye chart.  She still is able to read out the headlines of the paper to me but I have noticed lately she is forgetting how to sign her name.  I  wondered if she would remember the names of letters and numbers she visualized.  I was pleased that she could.

Now it did become interesting when the doctor starting flipping between the two lens and asking,

                           "Do you see better here or here."

and Lily would start reading off the letters as opposed to answering the question.

I have to give it to the doctor she tried various ways to rephrase the question each time hoping to get Lily to make a decision on which provided the clearer image.  Eventually I think she got it although it took considerably longer than it normally would.  I thanked her for her patience.

The doctor did say mom has the beginnings of cataracts and the right eye is worse than the left which might affect her depth perception.  Overall though Lily has pretty good vision for her age and she will have new glasses in about 5 days.

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