Saturday, October 23, 2010

RIP Callie

Mom's cat Callie died a while back.  The day Dan was flying down to Florida (we were already there) he went upstairs to check on Callie and found her under Emily's bed dead.  I had just seen her the day before and she was fine.

We don't know exactly how old she was but I would say she was over the age of ten.

Do you think she died of a broken heart with Lily no longer in the house?  She seemed to be doing ok going in to visit Emily in her room or sitting at the top of the stairs.

We tried to give her extra attention with Lily away.  I wish she could have went to stay with Lily but at least she was here with her the 3 years she was with us. I have to say as Lily progressed in the disease the less attention she gave to her cat  often forgetting she was here.  And, of course, Callie being such a timid cat rarely ventured out of Lily's bedroom.

Lily has only asked about Callie one time since she has died and that was in her room at the nursing home when she asked me if I was remembering to feed her.  I assured her I was.

No point in bringing up Callie's death.  Why upset her needlessly.  I suppose this presents a positive side of memory loss sparing Lily the heartache of her pet's death.

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  1. There's much I leave out with my mother as I also believe no need for upset.