Monday, January 17, 2011

Dumb Ass!

Lily and I were leaving the Memory Support Center to head home and were approaching our car.  I said to her go ahead and get in.  Just as she was trying the door it occurred to me that I did not drive our SUV and that was not our car.

I started laughing and said,  "That is not our car."

Lily quickly pulled her hand back, started laughing and said, "Dumb Ass and you think I am stupid.  (I have never said that by the way) Dumb Ass!"

So I directed her to the next car over and said, "That's it.  Get in."

She looked at me waiting for me to open my door and said, "You get in first. I'm not falling for that one again."

We were laughing together all the way out of the lot.


  1. That's hilarious!! I read this one again this morning just to make myself laugh again.

    So amazing that she realized that it would be a good test to make sure that you opened the door (of the second car) first.

  2. Sue: I know I was chuckling all day long thinking about it! Kerry

  3. This made my day!