Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well we made it.  Dan and I arrived Sunday evening to Ponce Inlet south of Daytona Beach after driving all day.  We actually made pretty darn good time even with pulling a large trailer full of Dan's tools to work on our house.

The trip down was good and took my mind off the distress I was feeling leaving our Ohio home, Lily, Ryan, and friends.  I was surprised by my feelings not expecting to be so out of sorts.  I knew I would miss Mom and be worried about her while gone but the other feelings of uncertainty took me by surprise.

I guess just knowing we would be gone for at least 6 weeks and the feeling of our family being scattered across the country--Emily in Tucson, Ryan and Lily in 2 different cities in Ohio, and Dan and I in Florida made for some very edgy feelings ruminating through me.

The morning after we arrived it was pouring rain and quite chilly with the inside temperature being 59 degrees, the vegetation overgrown, and remnants of dead bugs through the house.  I thought to myself,  "And this is what I have been looking forward for years?"  Even Dan was a little put off.
However, once we got the furnace fixed, a warmer house, the floors vacuumed and the rain slowing in the afternoon, we both started perking up.

This morning with the sun out in full glory we walked the beach enjoying the warmth and breeze, I remembered why I wanted to be here.

My neightbor Anne will be visiting Lily and plans to call me so I can talk to her.  I am hoping she is doing well which also will be a huge relief.

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  1. Oh how fortunate you are to have a place away! Do you pass Hendersonville, NC?? If so, we can meet!