Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The house is quiet again

Emily and Ryan are both back in their respective home away from homes.  One happier than the other.  Ryan is excited and happy to be back at school with his friends.  Emily not so happy.  She had a wonderful time back home which I think made it all the harder to head back to AZ where she still is struggling to make friends.  I keep assuring her the next six months will be better so I hope that is the case.

Dan & I are enjoying our empty nest and getting prepared for our trip to Florida in a couple of weeks.  I am enjoying the quiet and the comfort of my routine.

I visited Mom today and gave her a mani and pedi while we watched Dr. Oz.  I also had her on the exercise bike for the first time for 3 minutes.  I will post a picture and blog more on that later.  She was in good form as usual.

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