Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exercise is a bunch of crap

Recently the Memory Support Unit received a exercise bike donated to them from a resident's family.  It has sat there for about a month and I finally put it to good use today.

I hopped on and gave Mom a demonstration of how it works.  Then I helped her on as she was saying,

"I'm not going to do that?"   "Did you buy this?"  "What did you pay for this?"

 Soon I had her pedaling away. 

After about 30 seconds she was saying,

"Ok I'm done.  My legs hurt."

"This is a bunch of crap."

I coaxed her to continue for 3 minutes which was my goal for today.  She went almost 1/2 mile according to the dash. 

Of course she complained the whole time but I also think she enjoyed the attention.

The activities department is supposed to be setting up a program for it so I am hoping while I am in Florida they get Lily on it.

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