Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Packed and ready to go

Until recently Mom would pack everyday to go back to South Carolina to her home. She usually would fill up grocery bags with her clothes as the suitcases were all put away. So each day I would unpack her and the next day she would pack again. I started hiding the grocery bags to try to curtail this behavior but then she would just pile all her clothes out of the dresser onto the bed.

While in Florida last year Mom came up with her own style of a knapsack for her clothes. As you can see by the picture she took her white pants and and knotted each leg and stuffed all her clothes inside. All she needed was a stick to tie to it and throw over her shoulder!

Eventually I determined the best way to handle this was to remove all her clothes except her socks, underwear, and her jammies from her room. Each night I put in one clean outfit for the next day and remove what she wore that day. Now if she decides to pack it takes me 30 seconds to put these items back in her drawer. Also having only one choice of an outfit ends what use to be her daily struggle deciding what to wear.

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