Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still Alice

Yesterday my neighbor Anne gave me a book to read titled "Still Alice". At the time she told me it was about a lady with Alzheimer's and I was thinking I have so many books still to read at home when would I get the time. However I took the book telling her to let me know if she wanted it back before I managed to get to it since she had not read it yet.

Well that evening I picked it up on a whim and I finished it tonight. The book was very difficult to put down. I highly recommend this book to everyone but especially to those affected personally by Alzheimer's. Even though this book is fiction the author Lisa Genova manages to capture so many of the characteristics of one with Alzheimer's and the struggles which they and their families go through.

The author was able to put into words some of what I have experienced with my mom and allowed me to perceive it from her point of view. She may not remember last week, yesterday, or even 5 minutes ago, but her expressions, mood, and actions reflect what is going on around her in the present. Just because her memory is gone does not mean all the other parts of her have no value. In other words she is STILL Lily.

"Still Alice" is a remarkable read and well worth your while.

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