Thursday, August 20, 2009

One King Size Bed

Recently while on vacation we stopped in South Carolina and requested two hotel rooms. The hotel was out of double bed rooms so we had to get two rooms with King size beds. Naturally my husband and I took one which left one for my seventeen year old son, my twenty-one year old daughter, and "Nana". My six foot two son Ryan offered to sleep on the floor, but apparently he soon realized how uncomfortable that would be. He jumped into bed with Nana Lily and Emily wrapping his arms around his grandma and said, "Nana I'm going to sleep in bed with you tonight." Lily agreed that the bed would be much more comfortable than the floor, but said, "But don't tell my mom!" (I don't have a picture of this but this picture gives you an idea what they must have looked like only on a hotel bed)

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