Friday, August 28, 2009

"A pill for a pill"

.........and so we begin our morning. "A pill for a pill," is what my mother says most mornings as I hand her her pills to take. Mom is on thyroid med, Calcium plusVit D and her memory pills--Namenda and Razadine. She also takes risperdal for agitation.
The first spring she was with us she became very agitated and we could not calm her down. Her Doctor put her on namenda which worked great. The next spring she again became agitated and so she was put on risperdal. Because this drug is an antipsycotic I questioned this choice but was told this worked better than a mild sedative because the sedative increased the risk of falling. She actually has done very well on risperdal with no real change in her personality (I thought she might lose her spark) which is what I was afraid of.
Sometime in the last year I put her on 1000mg cinnamon capsules twice per day which helps to promote healthy blood sugar metabolism. Cinnamon's effectiveness in supporting optimal blood sugar levels suggests a potential role in averting the dangers of Alzheimer's disease. I do feel like I saw a positive change from being on the cinnamon and she has stayed relatively stable.

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