Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Second Day

I arrived at Bethany after breakfast anxious to see Lily. I found her with other residents watching Regis and Kelly in the TV area. She saw me and said,  
                                    “Where have you been?”

I could tell she was a little out of sorts just by the expression on her face. However, she was agreeable when I suggested we head to her room.

I asked her how was breakfast and how she slept. She couldn’t remember.

When we arrived back to her room she had a couple pictures off the wall on top of her folded up PJ’s and toiletry basket on the bed ready to go. Not much different really from home where she would stack up all her clothes on her bed every morning ready to go home.

She repeatedly asked me where I was and what I had been doing. I replied “working.” Several times she referred to various familiar items in her room insisting that she needed to take those when she left.

I noticed she was still in the same outfit from yesterday but had applied her makeup and brushed her hair. I had brought her coffee and muffins. So when she finished that I helped her change into a fresh outfit. By that point she seemed back to her old self.

We spent the morning watching the news in her room, walking the halls, and holding the rabbit out in the garden. After lunch there is a big festival going on for the residents which should keep Lily entertained all afternoon.

I feel so relieved that I did not find Lily in a highly agitated state or feeling abandoned.
I really cannot believe how well the move is going.

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