Monday, May 10, 2010

What We Used to Say!

As Lily was eating her breakfast, our two pugs, Rudi and Molly, were sitting on the floor watching each bite of food and yelping for their fair share.  Of course, they rarely do this with anyone but Lily.

When we ask Lily why the dogs only beg from her.  She always responds that she has no idea because she never feeds them.  Unfortunately for the dogs they have both put on weight since Lily moved in 3 years ago.

This morning the dogs were carrying on as usual and Lily says to them,

"Hold your britches.  That is what we used to say."

Do you think she meant "hold your horses?"   lol

Kerry & my husband Dan

I can't really contribute her missayings to Alzheimers as that tends to run in our family.  In fact I have a friend that also does that and coincidentally has the same first name as mine.  And it is even spelled the same which is fairly unusual for a girls spelling.   Anyway in her family they call it "Kerryisms"  which after hearing I also adopted.

So maybe we should just call it "Lilyisms!"


  1. I've actually HEARD the expression "Hold your britches"--or something very like it. It's probably something from her childhood...... nice to be a little creative at this stage of life.

  2. Yes one of my friends said to me yesterday she has heard "hold your britches" also. I have probably heard it too and just forgot. Thanks for commenting.