Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Exercise Improves Cognition

I have a close friend out in Colorado who is the Director of the Cardiac Rehab Program at a hospital near Denver.  She recently was telling me about a middle aged male patient diagnosed with early Alzheimer's who came in following a cardiac event for rehab.
 His doctor had ordered a minimum amount of moderate intensity sessions for him to complete.

When he first started the staff had to apply a safety belt and stay with with him constantly repeating instructions to his repetitive questions and watching to be sure he did not change the settings.  He was not appropriate and initially they were questioning his ability to participate.

Before long the staff started noticing positive changes in him.  He became more appropriate, less repetitive, and more engaged.   His family and doctor noticed the difference also and his doctor told him he was not quitting and ordered 30 more sessions for him.

My friend was amazed and excited the difference that the exercise made in regards to his cognitive function.

Personally I try to exercise every day at least 30 minutes and often bring Lily with me on walks around the block.   I believe exercise has made a  difference in her mood and engagement.   The exertion, fresh air, sunshine, and added stimulus all make for a positive experience.

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