Saturday, November 6, 2010

Visiting the boys at UC

 Yesterday Mom and I went to Cincinnati to visit Ryan and his roommate Kevin.  As usual they were hungry and we asked where they would like to eat--

Montgomery Inn ribs was the resounding choice!

 Mom and Ryan were acting silly as usual and Lily was in great form as she usually is when around her grandson.
The restaurant places bibs around the necks of all who order ribs.  Lily did not order ribs (too messy) but Ryan thought it would be great fun to put a bib on her anyway. 

She didn't seem to mind when the waitress tied her bib on.

About one minute later she looked down and saw it and yanked it off.

"I am not a baby. I don't dribble!"

We all were in stitches!


  1. I enjoy readying your posts about your Mom. Your Mom is so different from my Mom with Alzheimers. My Mom hardly has a happy, laughing moment. she's angry alot and sometimes downright mean. She not only doesn't want anyone to help her with anything, but even offering to help sets off the anger. My daughter took her almost two year old to visit yesterday and Mom enjoyed that. I want to try to enjoy her company while she's still able. but it's very difficult.

  2. When Lily is with Ryan, her face lights up. She smiles with her eyes and she seems so happy. Ryan, as usual, couldn't be more adorable.

  3. I agree with Karen - she looks a diffent happy when with Ryan. Shows that they indeed have a special relationship.

  4. Debbie:That is the thing about Alzheimers it affects everyone differently. I am glad you enjoy my posts and am sorry dealing with your mom is so difficult. Does humor work at all with your mom?

  5. Karen and Judy: You are right Lily and Ryan do indeed have a wonderful bond.