Monday, November 8, 2010

Sue's Note

(a note I received from my cousin-in-law Sue)

Hi, Kerry,

Just wanted to share a few comments that I got from friends who checked out your blog:
  • "Thanks for sending this, Sue. It's a really wonderful blog, and I'm not a blogger.  Glad you married into such a wonderful family.  I hope it also helps your healing process.  Blessings" (from my friend, Laura)
  • "I enjoyed reading the blogs and checking out the photos - what a great group!" (from my long-time best friend, Gail)
  • "This is so fine, Sue!!! I am going to share it with some of our Sisters who are caring for others with dementia... Mary" (Mary is  a Franciscan nun, a beautiful warm-hearted person. She lives in a studio apartment in Oakland, and maintains lots of contact with the sisters in her order who live in the motherhouse across the Bay.)
I also wanted to let you know that my sister has been reading your blog for a while now.....she kept reading it periodically in the fall, even when I didn't for a while. She mentioned it again to me last week, asking if I'd read it lately, telling me how much she enjoys it --- how whenever she reads it, she laughs a lot, and she cries. And it's all good.

I think I'm going to copy and send her the entry on "For me, the choice is simple". Even though we'd decided from the start of Mom's sudden decline how we were going to handle it, it still wasn't easy.....

Just wanted to remind you, in case you ever need reminders, that there are more people reading your blog that you'll ever know. Most probably don't "join" -- but are soothed and inspired by your words and your journey.

Love, Sue

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