Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Field Trip

Recently the Memory Support Center had their first field trip to a local farm which offers hayrides and seasonal items.  This group, however,  just came to enjoy the scenery, sip cider, and eat cookies.

The staff had high hopes for the event so that it might be the first of many more.  Other than a few minor bumps such as the farm being out of apple cider all went well. 
The weather was a bit breezy but nice and sunny.  I have observed though that older people in general do not care for the wind.  Fortunately one of the activities personnel had the foresight to bring scarfs for the ladies to wear which made them happy.

Lily seemed to enjoy the outing and for some of these residents it was probably the first time they had been out in awhile.


  1. ok.....i'm sorry to giggle, but the contrast between Lily's face and the woman she is pushing in the wheelchair is striking! so glad you're blogging again!!!

  2. p.s. when are Lily and Ryan getting married?

  3. Only a photographer would notice the difference.
    I will have to get back with you on that date!