Friday, November 5, 2010

Lily's LuLu's ~ AARP

Our AARP magazine came in the mail today.  I passed it over to Lily sitting at the counter.

"Mom, here is a new magazine for you to look at."

Out loud Mom began to read the headline to me:

                                   What Women Want

                             Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Betty White
                                     on sex, love, and ......staying hot!

            "That's ridiculous.  Why do you buy crap like this?"

I said,  "I didn't.  Read the label."

So Mom turns it over and reads the white address label.

"Dan RunyeonHell that's even worse and I am going to tell him so!"


  1. Kerry,
    It is wonderful that you are at this place with your mom where the small things are treasured and spending quality time is what it's all about.
    I hope her spunkiness keeps you laughing for many years to come!

  2. Thank Tricia. I do appreciate and treasure this time with her.