Thursday, November 5, 2009


With mom came Callie her cat which she has had for quite a few years while in SC.  Admittedly I did not want to take her cat when the idea of her living with us came up.  We already had 2 dogs and experience with a cat who liked to go potty in the house.  So I was not keen on bringing her along.
However I was wrong.  Callie has brought a measure of security to mom representing the years she lived in her own home.  Also, I am sure I would have gone out of my mind by now if Callie were not with us with repeated questions of "Where's Callie?"

Callie rarely comes out of mom's room and oftentimes she will be found under the bed (as pictured).  She is a very timid cat because we believe she was abused before mom adopted her.  Many times I leave mom's door open and Callie never ventures from the upstairs. If I do try to bring her down to the main living area she becomes very distressed and will run straight upstairs to the haven of Lily's bedroom.

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