Monday, November 30, 2009

That's Not Mine!

Some days Lily gets into the loop of taking off whatever sweater she has on and replacing it with Ryan's gray jacket.  She takes the sweater off because she does not remember it and she puts on Ryan's jacket because she thinks it is her jacket.  I believe the jacket must look similar to a jacket she had in the past.  I have learned just to let this behavior go. 

However, on Thanksgiving I wanted her to look nice so I helped her dress in a new maroon sweater we had bought her last winter.  Well every time I turned around she had it off and had Ryan's jacket on.  I kept helping her change until I became so busy preparing the "feast" I gave up.  Soon after I noticed that Ryan had taken my place and was saying,
"Nana you have my jacket on again!"  He must have helped her change back into her sweater at least 5 times before he finally said,  "That's it.  I am hiding this jacket!"  Lilybird didn't let that stop her and soon she had taken off her sweater and put on her black coat.

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