Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last Night's Celebration

I called Sande to thank her for taking mom last night to her mother's birthday celebration.  She said I know she won't remember (which for the most part she didn't) but she had a great time.

While at the Mall prior to heading to the Olive Garden, Sande and Lily ran into Sande's nieces,  Alexis and Stephanie who were also heading to the party.  Sande introduced mom and told them  we will see you in about 20 minutes.

Soon at the Olive Garden Sande had to  introduce mom again to them as of course she didn't remember them.  She said her nieces eyes grew a little big wondering what the heck was going on.

While at the party Lily asked Sarah (Sande's mom) when she was going back to Ireland about 15 times.  Sarah patiently answered the question over and over until Sande encouraged her to give different responses which helps to relieve some of the burden of repetitive questions by adding a little humor to the situation.

Sande's son Mark was asked repeatedly how tall he was by mom and he told her each time she asked he was going to add a foot to the answer.  So he started at 6'4', then 7'4", 8'4"........ until finally she started laughing because she thought he was being so silly.  Sande said Mark was so good with mom sitting by her, teasing her, and telling her what a pretty lady she was.  As good looking as Mark is I am sure she loved all the attention she was getting from him.  I could tell how proud Sande was of her son in his patient and warm approach with my mother.

According to Sande,  Lily ate several helpings of food last night because Sarah kept loading her plate and Lily forgot what she had already eaten.  When cake time arrived mom was too full to partake which makes it all the more funny to hear that she told her aide Alice this morning that she had not eaten in 3 days!

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