Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guest in my Home

To this day Lily thinks she is a guest in our home and has only been with us a few weeks.  Many days she says to me,  "Now Kerry, I really need to get home tomorrow.  I have been here long enough."  The advantage to her thinking she is a guest is that she never attempts to cook for herself because she is the "guest".  Therefore that is one worry I do not have.  The disadvantage of course is her not ever truly feeling like she is at home with us.  For that I am sad but it really cannot be helped.  Many times in the past I have tried to tell her that she can no longer live alone but that reality never fits into her way of thinking.  To Lily having memory problems is just a normal part of aging and a minor nuisance.  Lily's comment to my remarks would be something like,

"As long as I know a tree is a tree and chair is a chair, I can take care of myself."

Hard to argue with that logic!

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