Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to Bed

It is 11:35pm and I just put on my jammies ready for bed.  Thinking I would check on Emily prior to turning in I headed down the stairs and noticed the hall bathroom light on.  Reaching in to turn the light off I saw Lily standing there just emptying her denture cup which Ryan had helped her fill only 2 hours ago.  Her teeth were in and she was fully dressed in the clothes I had placed in her room an hour before. 

Immediately I knew what happened.

"Mom it is 11:30 at night.  You need to put your pajamas back on and get back to bed."

"What?  I thought it was morning and I was rushing around getting ready because I thought everyone was gone."

"Nope everyone is asleep."

I helped her back to her room and got her pajamas out of the drawer for her to put back on.

"Well that is never happened to me before."

I thought oh yes it has many times but all I said was,  "Goodnight Mom,  See you in the morning."

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