Saturday, October 3, 2009

Locked in!

While sitting in the Dayton airport on the way to Maine I called my daughter-in-law Jenny who picked up Nana Lily at St. Leonards.  As were talking we realized Lily's coat was left.  So I called my son Ryan and asked him to drive over to St. Leonards to retrieve it.
About 20 minutes later we were on the runway ready for takeoff and the flight attendant announced it was time to turn off all cell phones.  I decided to keep mine on because I had not heard from Ryan and the plane was not moving yet.  Suddenly the phone rang and I heard my son frantically say,  "Mom nobody is here. What is the code to unlock the door?"

 In the DayAway area at St. Leonards you must press a button on the outside to get in and you need a code to punch to get out as the door automatically locks to prevent the Alzheimer patients from leaving.  When Ryan realized everyone had gone home for the weekend he turned to leave and could not get out!  

 Fortunately I had the code memorized and relayed it to him.  I heard the relief in his voice as he opened the door.  That might have been a long weekend for him locked inside!

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