Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Details from a Stranger

While working at the recent Miles that Matter rummage sale a heavy set older woman with short unkempt hair and probing eyes came up to me and asked me to come with her as she needed some help.  I followed her over to a table where she proceeded to show me all the cross stitch materials laying there.  She said she just got out of a nursing home and wanted to take up a craft and wanted to know what she needed to start.  "The good thing is they told me I no longer have dementia, but I am bi-polar.  I also found out I have two people inside me and only one of them I know."  I have to say my eyes probably got a little wider as I listened to this stranger tell me these details.  I helped her the best I could with her cross stitch questions and went back to my station.

The next morning I was telling my running buddy Paula the story and she quipped, "Lily is looking pretty good, isnt she?"

Paula in San Antonio prior to her first marathon



  1. You know Kerry, sometimes I've heard myself think or say something similar. My little mother is not in pain or out wandering around or mean and hateful. So, for all that I am thankful!

  2. Yes you can always find someone in a worse situation than your own!