Friday, October 30, 2009

Dressing Up and Nowhere to Go

A few evenings ago Mom decided to go upstairs to her room to watch TV and spend some time with her cat Callie.  I warned her not to go to bed yet as it was too early.  A short time later I thought I better go check on her and there she was with the lights out already in bed.

"Mom you can't go to bed yet it is not even 8:30.  If you go to bed this early you will be up at the crack of dawn,  plus you still need to take out your teeth."

"Oh yeah I forgot about that."

After she got out of bed I noticed she had put several necklaces around her neck and earrings on her ears.  Emily and Ryan were nearby and we were all telling her how nice she looked all dressed up in her pajamas.  So I helped her with her teeth and then decided this moment was too good to pass up and off I went to get a camera.
As I was taking her picture, she said,

"I feel like I'm drunk or something." 

and then she laughed at her own silliness.

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